Frustration has dug its nails under my skin and the welts are beginning to show. I don’t know if my knowledge of PHP or WP limits my understanding of this site, or if I am just overlooking something simple. I find the documentation on WP great for techies, but I suppose I figured that I could install this open source and run it as simple as they say it is… I find great plugins only to find myself unable to get them to show once installed.

So for those of you who have chanced upon this site, please be patient… I want the content on this particular blog to be dynamic, and so goes my engaged battle with Trial and Error… So far Error is winning the fight.


8 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. Stephen Mol

    Hey. It’s Stephen. Remember me? I see that you now teach in the Forest Hills school district? How do you like teaching there. I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Dan Poggi

    Not that I’m an expert with WP (I use Serendipity on my site) but you might want to try CHMOD’ing the plugins directory and any subdirectorys to 666 or 777. That could help.

    For the record I have Mrs. Baker. My friend showed me your site.

  3. spongecopter

    ok. fine.

    against my better judgment, i relent.
    but this is a secret! remember fishes, the all powerful st. bernard defier (which is gone now.. tear)? yup, that kind of secret.
    but i relent. kinda.

    and by kinda i mean i’m going to give you a REALLY OBSCURE HINT.
    (and by really obscure hint, i mean, well, that’s a lie.)

    first there’s a the. then there’s an x. then there’s a last. then there’s an underscore. and then there’s a word that starts with “seren.” ooooh. so go ahead, labor away for days trying to find that mystical last piece of seren. serenity? serendipity? i know i know i’m blowing your mind out.


    (p.s. – i’m only doing this because you seemed so sad about your total inability to be an effective xanga hunter. i swear.)

  4. Brie

    omg KMODE! haha i found your site and its so PRETTY 🙂 lol just felt like sharing that with you haha cya around!

    -BRIE 🙂

  5. spongecopter

    oh kermode. lily and i had to stay like two hours after school today so we came around the outside of the school and we were going to launch an attack on your window (or act like we were on an escalator). shame you weren’t there.


  6. LaLa

    Hey Ms. Kermode. I just wanna say you are an awesome teacher. Sorry I have to leave your class. I will definetly still come and visit your classroom. Thanx

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