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Frustration has dug its nails under my skin and the welts are beginning to show. I don’t know if my knowledge of PHP or WP limits my understanding of this site, or if I am just overlooking something simple. I find the documentation on WP great for techies, but I suppose I figured that I could install this open source and run it as simple as they say it is… I find great plugins only to find myself unable to get them to show once installed.

So for those of you who have chanced upon this site, please be patient… I want the content on this particular blog to be dynamic, and so goes my engaged battle with Trial and Error… So far Error is winning the fight.


Beginning Somewhere…

I guess this is the first attempt of many in my continuing goal of growing as an educator and as an individual. I am a little frazzled by how fast students are changing with communication and how education is not keeping up with the flow.

As an English teacher I truly believe that with every language there is change, being demonstrated in history time over time. What is hard for me to accept in my own profession is the lack of acceptance with this truth. Teachers are often rigorous in staying with traditional content and pedagogy. However, the “real world” is transforming and we are not doing our students favors if we keep them focused on the same methods of relating to material, harvesting content and delivering ideas.

I am hoping my use of this blog will enable me to feel comfortable with new content delivery and hypertext well enough to teach my students how to use it for academic purposes.